Hi! I’m Stefanie, a.k.a. Mouse. We are a family of 4 plus. Our daughter, Cricket, is 8 and our son, Grasshopper, is 13. No, those are not real names, just pet names. Our pluses are 3 dogs, 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats, and a lot of random cats that came with the house. We hope to increase that eventually with some chickens, a horse or two, and a pig that CAT wants to name Wu.

So how did the Rural House part come about, you ask? Well, the short version is that my husband took a job in Southeast Kansas, which moved us from the urban sprawl of Dallas to our dream property. Our 33-acres has been named Ramblin’ Ridge, as the house sits atop a ridge that slopes down to a couple of ponds and has a dramatic drop down to the river below. More on that as this blog as we go.

The blog serves multiple purposes. The first to help keep my family up-to-date on all of our adventures. We have family from coast-to-coast, as well as Europe and Australia! The second is simply to return to the blissful state of penning my thoughts. I’m a writer by nature, and returning to nature has inspired my writing. The third, and final, is based on a hope to find others like us: those that live rurally and want to share ideas and thoughts, whether they relocated from the city or not.

My interests are many, and not always directly related to the theme of this site. I am just beginning to pen as Mouse at the following sites:

https://urbanmouseplans.wordpress.com/ (All about planning life, planners, calendars, etc.)

https://urbanmousewahm.wordpress.com/ (All about my adventures working from home)

We are never living in dull moments around here. The lifestyle we have chosen is simple and complicated, joyful and challenging, but it’s ours.


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