I’ve been quiet on here for nearly a month. Mainly because I’ve been contemplating some things. I like to blog, and I have so many partial posts–written with no pictures. I’m hoping the new camera will eliminate that, as it is much easier to pop the SD card out of the camera than it is to get the app working on my phone or to download pictures off my phone (a process involving about an hour and 3 rather painstaking steps).

The other issue I have been considering is, now that I have my new camera (and really before that), I have all these extra pictures. I’d go take pictures in the yard and come back with 50 pictures, but only use 5 or 6 of them. The problem was choosing the right ones. The struggle is real, y’all!

Another issue is that I have been attempting to maintain a couple of blogs on different subjects. One for rural living, and the other for planning and being a work-at-home-mom (WAHM). The second hasn’t done much, so it’s semi-retiring. I’ll be taking that content and adding it to a rotation of topics of weekly posts. Yes, weekly is the goal.

And finally, I’ve been contemplating how to add in some recipes. We do a lot of cooking that is absolutely related to our lifestyle. CAT and I were talking one day and I had a revelation. When we lived in the city, we cooked and we were always inspired to cook great dinners. Now that we have 33 acres, soccer, scouts, school, his business obligations, my business obligations, and more, we are less inspired and dinner is mostly about function rather than form. We cook because we have to eat, and the easier the meal, the better. I’ve learned that we don’t have to sacrifice the tasty side of the meal, and I’m sure people can benefit from some of what I’ve figure out.

So, what has all this got to do with a horizon, you ask? Change, my friends. Change is on the horizon. I am in the process of relocating my blog to a new hosting location and reworking it with some surprises in store. Don’t worry, you should see minimal to no difference in the way you receive the blog (email or in your Reader feed), because it’s still powered by WordPress. The type of content will remain, with some new additions in subject matter.

The differences you WILL see:

  1. It will be prettier, because, let’s face it, I’m a girl and I want my blog to be pretty.
  2. More pictures!! On a separate page–yes, pages!!
  3. More streamlined and alive layout. Stagnant is boring, so I’m working on that.
  4. More content (hopefully!), because I hear from good sources that this new program I’m using is amazing for adding content.

Stay tuned. The unveiling is coming, but I’ve been making slow headway in learning this new program. I hit a roadblock, but I think I found the solution! More to come, very soon!

Since I gave you the proverbial horizon, here’s a picture of the actual horizon to enjoy.