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We do a lot around here that is recreation-centric, like building deer blinds so we can. Sometimes, though, you just have to take an evening off. Our neighbor, aka Colonel, invited us to join him for one of the many local tractor pulls. So we all loaded up and headed over. First stop was the concession stand, where we picked up some nachos complete with fake cheese for CAT and I and popcorn for the kids and Colonel.


Then the fun started. This was a real live tractor pull. Complete with old tractors.


Dressed up tractors.


They even had Hot Rod tractors. Yes, you read that correctly.


We watched most of it, but the skid was having transmission problems so there was a lot of time spent pushing it back to the starting line. It also had issues with the weight plate. When we left at nearly midnight, they were a couple of hours behind.

Next up: County fair.