We have been extremely busy this summer putting some things into action for our kids, and I finally get to share all the news!

If you know us personally, it’s no secret that we are more conservative in our beliefs. Without getting too political here, I have a little story.

Once upon a time (I won’t tell you what year so that we can protect the ever young at heart!), my Grandma was a Girl Scout leader for her girls. The photos of that time are precious to 4 generations of the family. Some years later, my mom was a Boy Scout Den Mother for my older brother’s Cub Scout den and I was a Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout. Even more years later, about 5 years ago, we tried a stint with the Boy Scouts at our son’s school and were sadly disappointed with what we found. Grasshopper opted out of future engagement. Three years ago, I volunteered as troop leader for the Girl Scouts after learning it was the only way Cricket would be able to participate. That troop is still going strong, but we moved.

We have looked and made requests for nearly two years, and we learned that Boy Scouts aren’t around here and the Girl Scouts aren’t really, either. However, the evolution of policies with both organizations had us rethinking our efforts to get the kids involved.

We think we may have found an alternative. I accidentally stumbled on a couple of groups with troops in town: the American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA. They are Christian-based and reflect our more conservative beliefs. We have now attended two meetings and Grasshopper went on the boys’ camping trip. Both kids are having a blast! (Unfortunately, I can’t post any pictures, because they have other people’s kids in them.)

Meanwhile, we have been working under the radar to get the kids enrolled at one of the local private schools. We considered the Catholic school first, but soon learned that the Lutheran school was far more progressed and had a more challenging structure and curriculum.


After meeting several of the parents from that school on the sidelines at soccer, it didn’t take much convincing. In the midst of figuring out the various logistics, each “thing” just fell into place, like a perfect domino train. This was meant to happen.

And so we begin our great adventure. Today is the first day of school. I drove the kids to school, but they requested that I simply drop them at the front door because other parents weren’t going inside. No more in the classroom pictures. No more “Come inside with me, Mom,” which was always more of a questioning plea than a statement. It’s bittersweet to watch them grow up. I was hoping to hold her hand just one more time…

Instead, I was able to get one picture at home.


There was a plan to get a picture in front of the school sign, but the rain you can see on the car windows prevented what the teenager considered utter humiliation. Such a shame, because I had the shot figured out a couple of weeks ago.

There were mixed emotions, of course. A new school brings some fears and anxieties, especially for Cricket. At the same time, it’s exciting and adventurous. We were a few minutes early so we got some silly faces, because they wanted.


She was trying to be sad, but couldn’t stop giggling.


There was also the moment that Grasshopper realized he was dressed like Jake from State Farm (if you don’t know the commercial, you should look it up.). He then said he was going to walk very slowly into the school so that he would have to change his shirt.


I did get to walk into the school, just under different circumstances. Either Grasshopper or I need to change bags because he managed to get out of the car with my computer bag (a backpack), leaving me with his school supplies. I didn’t realize this until I was home, so I made the 30-minute round trip back into town. Thank goodness he actually ran into the school instead of getting drenched!

I caught a glimpse of little miss Cricket on her way to religion class, whispering with a classmate so I know she’ll be okay.